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The Quick Version

I was born in Toronto, Ontario to a Canadian mother and Turkish father. I only lived in Toronto for three years before my family decided to move South for the winter… To Huntsville, Alabama where I grew up. I suppose it was destined, growing up in a town with the Space and Rocket center, military arsenal, and research park that I would pursue a technical field later in my life.

Although I grew up in the South-East United States, I still hold my both my heritages strongly. I get to travel to Canada and Turkey often and am currently learning the Turkish language to be better able to engage with that part of myself.

During high school, I thought that I was called to a path of Economic Science and Analysis, move to New York City, and wear a suit to work every day. However, after taking economics my senior year, I found that I didn’t engage with the field, instead being most intrigued by my digital electronics class. I decided to attend Auburn University and study Electrical Engineering.

I landed a co-op position with a company in Huntsville and it was here that my story takes a sharp curve. I got engaged with a group in town called the Eldenbridge Institute, who showed me the design science known as Permaculture and I was hooked. Since then, I have become the Media Coordinator for the group and got my PDC with them as well as a strong desire to learn more.

Engineer’s Mindset

Through the process of being trained to be able to handle myself in the engineering field, I have developed what I would call “The Engineer’s Mindset.” That is, I try to approach the problems that I face with meticulosity. Approaching each day with a to-do-list of the tasks that need to be done, breaking down each of those tasks into subsets to be individually analyzed and then later put back together to create a finished product. This has led me to being a religious note-taker and diligent organizer. I prefer a little bit of structure in the chaos.

Lifestyle Optimization

I describe myself as an optimization aficionado. It started with learning, wanting to optimize the speed at which I could consume information, but quickly bled into all other aspects of my life. Therefor I design my life around being optimal, in performance, health, work, and study. Whenever I have a project to work on, the question I ask is not, “How can I get this done?” but rather, “How can I get this done efficiently?” Of course, I do my best not to compromise quality for speed, but especially with learning, I am constantly aware of the latter of those two questions.

Learning Approach

I try to structure my daily routines, weekly visits, monthly trips and more around the process of learning. When I was in high school I was quite addicted to video games and TV. Thus, in my eyes, I wasted a lot of time on fruitless endeavors. As a result, I have a burning feeling that I have to “catch up” to where I believe my potential would allow me to be. I am constantly engaging in learning new skills in as wide an arena of disciplines as I can manage, from archery, to Turkish, to martial arts and as much as I can pack in between.

Putting it all together

It is a combination of the above three aspects of myself that pushed me to consolidating a large amount of data on personal development, learning speed, teaching, note taking, organization and more into digestible information. I offer information that to those who are interested through my Peak Performance Training (PPT) service.