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Over the course of my time while attending University, I have taken extra measures to further my education and training beyond the scope of my degree in Electrical Engineering. Below is a list of the workshops that I have attended thus far.

Workshop List

Hapkido Seminar

  • Teacher: Grand Master Moreland
  • Location: Auburn Academy of Martial Arts
  • Date: August 2015

Seed School Teacher Training

  • Teachers: Bill McDorman, Don Tipping, David King, more…
  • Location: Seed Library of Los Angeles
  • Date: March 2016
Archery Workshop
  • Teacher: Mark Warren
  • Location: Medicine Bow Nature School
  • Date: August 2016
Permaculture Design Certification
  • Teacher: Alan Booker
  • Location: Eldenbridge Institue
  • Date: Fall 2015
Storytelling Workshop
  • Teacher: Alan Booker
  • Location: Eldenbridge Institute
  • Date: Fall 2015
  • Teacher: David Rehm, Cory Manke
  • Location: Huntsville Swing Dancing
  • Date: August 2016

All About Fire

  • Teacher: Mark Warren
  • Location: Medicine Bow Nature School
  • Date: August 2016