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For a comprehensive list of the workshops and education events that I have attended, please see my CV Page.


Auburn University
Pursuing Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
Current Status: Senior
GPA: 4.0

Work Experience

Auburn University
Research Assistant in Cooperative Robotics – Summer 2014

  • Performed maintenance of robots
  • Created top-level electrical schematic of robots to make replication of designs easier.

Auburn University
Research Assistant in Chaos Electronics – Summer 2014

  • Designed pseudo-random number generator on Arduino micro controller for use in lab demonstrations.

ADTRAN, Inc. – Huntsville, AL
Co-op – Spring 2015

  • Part of Product Qualification Group
  • Designed TCL scripts with Graphical User Interface
  • Created test automation software to save time and increase performance resilience of unit tests.

Co-op – Fall 2015

  • Part of Technology and Innovation Group
  • Created test automation and block diagram models for tests in LABView saving time on data collection for the group.

Co-op – Summer 2016

  • Part of Technology Development Group
  • Learned VHDL coding for synthesis and FPGA design fundamentals
  • Replicated and corrected bug in VHDL code relating to error counting.

Eldenbridge Institute
Media Coordinator – 2015-2016

  • Event planning, outreach, and promotion
  • Creation of multimedia for promotion (pictures/graphics/video/etc.)


  • WordPress platform website design and management
  • Learning Turkish
  • Python, Matlab, and C programming languages
  • HTML and CSS Compiling languages
  • HAM radioman – Technician Class
  • Digital Sketching Software

Achievement and Involvement

  • Founder’s Scholarship (Auburn University)
  • Director of Digital Engagement – Student Government Association
  • Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Department Honor Society)
  • Cupola – Samuel Ginn College of Engineering Ambassador
  • Auburn University Swing Dancing Association